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Success Stories

GloryGirl is proud of the fact that our training and nutrition approach is 100% natural. The AFTER pictures that you witness here is the result of TIME.

Time spend on hard work in and outside the gym, time spent on planning and preparing healthy and whole foods and time spend on changing habits and stuck-in-a-rut mindsets. Each and every one of our GloryGirls achieved much more than just an attractive physique.

They experience a new confidence and zest for life and so much more that they ever thought is possible.

Changing the world one woman at a time!

GloryGirl Derryn

GloryGirl Ellen

GloryGirl Kristine

GloryGirl Sonya

GloryGirl Mignon

GloryGirl Sian

GloryGirl Simone

GloryGirl Sandri

GloryGirl Roma

GloryGirl Marenza

GloryGirl Belinda

GloryGirl Ilana