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GloryGirl Simone

Like many people over the past 2 and a half years in Dubai, I had been living the party lifestyle, which was ultimately very unhealthy, after returning from a Christmas break at home it was apparent that the pounds had once again piled on, I decided that something had to change, that I was no longer happy at my current weight and with the lifestyle I was leading.

I first came across Nadine and GG through Derryn Brown who took me along to a Guts and Glory session at the Burj Khalifa, yes it was a tough workout, but I loved every minute of it, the support from all the other women participating was just amazing and it felt great to train with like minded people who all had one thing in common and who were all working towards goals they had set themselves. 

In the 1st stage of my programme, I would say and I’m sure Nadine would agree this was most difficult for me, trying to break habits of lifetime, but with some perseverance we got there, and I realised where I was going wrong  and what I needed to do to improve this area of my life.

For me being held accountable is what really works, knowing that you have to do your weekly check in and being able to share success stories was a great feeling.  After every session with Nadine I felt somewhat uplifted, she really is an amazing coach and encourages people to be the best they can be.

A major topic of conversation in our coaching sessions was goals, yes I had them, but when I really thought about it, I never had a strategy in place to achieve them, thanks to the help of Nadine my goals are always on my mind and I for sure know I will achieve the things I aim to in life.

Throughout this programme you just feel fantastic, your energy levels are higher, once you start to notice the changes in your body it really is a great felling, alongside the positivity that you experience there really isn’t a better recipe for creating a success story.

For any GG’s who like me dreaded the photo shoot at the end, even until the day of the shoot, I can say from experience that it is great fun and it is a part of the programme that you should look forward to, because it is a celebration and representation of the hard word, effort and success you have achieved.

The habits, knowledge and lifestyle changes that Nadine helped me to make I know I will take these with me throughout the whole of my life, Nadine really is a true inspiration and an superb person to be around, I’m so pleased to say that I am part of the glory girl programme .

I would say to any women who are thinking of taking this journey to do it 110%, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made, your life will change and you will never look back.