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GloryGirl Roma

Yes I was beautiful even before I started my GloryGirl journey. But I was lazy and negative before joining GloryGirl, I had every excuse in the book not to eat healthy and not to exercise before GloryGirl.

Before GloryGirl I've never set a goal in my life and actually reached it, before GloryGirl I've never cared to glorify God in my body as much as I glorified Him in spirit, before GloryGirl I didn't think I had it in me to inspire women to be the best healthy woman they can be for God, themselves and their loved ones because of God's Word and His spirit living within us and not the worlds standards and pressure to be something that is not reachable.

My biggest inspiration were the ladies in Oxygen magazine who were hundreds of pounds overweight, and they transformed into healthy fit ladies by eating clean, exercising diligently, drinking lots of water as we should, so they can be healthy and fit and enjoy life as God purposed it, and also to be a blessing to their husband, children and families. That more than anything was enough to get me off my lazy butt, realizing that if those ladies get it, if they did it - then surely I can do it and have no excuse to live healthy now. The sooner the better don't you think?!

The GloryGirl business that God laid on Nadine's heart has touched sooo many ladies lives. We can only change WRONG perceptions as we go, one day at a time, by setting the right examples in what we are doing and living. If GloryGirls stood for "being the best you can be in one week", or "this is what's beautiful" then sure, those are wrong perceptions created. But that's not what Nadine or GloryGirl, myself or any of the other ladies who have taken part stand for.

Each lady has a story to tell. Each lady has had difficult times where emotional eating was part of her life, or anorexia was part of her life, or verbal abuse by other people, obesity, nutrition restrictions given by doctors, allergies etc - and these ladies happen to be restored and healed and touched by the goodness and greatness of our Father by using Nadine and all the girls who have taken part as His instruments to walk alongside these ladies and restore them. Being healthy and fit is actually a by-product of what He has done in the ladies lives!

The photo shoot is a celebration of all the hard work put in 12 weeks, I loved my photo shoot! And the best part is, the photo shoot shaped me even more.

It doesn't even stop there.. it goes on to a new lifestyle.