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GloryGirl Ellen

I’m like Oprah…the epitome of yo-yo dieting. Throughout my life I have gone through countless cycles of being overweight, to going on some sort of diet and/or exercise program and losing enough weight to be classified as “normal”. People would comment on how great I look but then something would happen (university, living overseas, pregnancy) and I would eat badly, not exercise and before you can say “chocolate mousse cake” I have picked up all the weight again…and more!

There is a vast range of sizes in my cupboard. From the plus sizes all the way down to what I like to call my “ideal” size when I was fit, healthy and lean. I always refused to get rid of any of it at any time…knowing that with my weight fluctuations I would eventually need it again. Then I was talking about my inability to clean out my cupboards one day with a bunch of friends when one piped up “Now that you have a child you might as well throw out the small clothes…you’ll never use them again.” This got me thinking…was it true? Was this it for me? That healthy, lean woman inside of me that I know wants to come out, will she be buried beneath layers of fat forever??

I was certain that it was not what I wanted…but I didn’t know how to change things. I’ve done it so many times. I’ve done all the diets; I have tried all different types of exercise routines. I even ran a marathon!! But every time the results didn’t last and I just landed up having to reach to the back of the cupboard for the size 18 jeans.  So I knew that this time it was going to have to be completely different. 

It was quite by chance that I stumbled across an old friend on Facebook. I hardly recognised her when I saw her profile picture. Nadine looked gorgeous! Healthy, lean, fit, with a body to die for! Turns out that she became a fitness model since we last saw each other and then recently opened a wellness company that does life coaching, expert fitness training and guidance on healthy nutrition. I wasn’t convinced that I could look like the girls in her program but after a month of debating and working through every excuse in the book, I decided to take the step and joined her GloryGirl fitness program. After all…I had nothing to lose, except for the weight!

The GloryGirl program came with a detailed exercise and healthy nutrition plan. A weekly check-in monitored my progress and reaction to the program.  Nadine was brilliant at adjusting my portions and exercises according to the way my body was responding. We also had weekly Skype sessions where we chatted about motivation, positive self-talk as well as setting goals for myself on a short, medium and long term. With Nadine’s guidance and constant motivation (she was my biggest fan) I made a vision board that helped me to stay focused on what I was trying to achieve. I also learnt about constantly being kind and complimentary to myself and truly believing that I can be who I so desperately wanted to be.

I’ll be the first to say it wasn’t easy. It took serious planning, juggling and support from friends and family to make it work. I had pressures from family (a husband and 2 year old), work (full time job in marketing and HR) and life in general. It was hard work. It meant getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get my workout in. It meant seriously multitasking to prepare my meals for the next day and still spend time with my family. It meant being a drag when I went out with friends to not drink when everyone was having a cocktail. It meant saying no to those delectable cakes when someone celebrates a birthday at the office. But the dedication and sacrifices started paying off…soon I moved to the smaller sizes in my cupboard and soon after that I actually had to go and buy smaller clothes. The compliments started pouring in and I felt and looked great! It made all the hard work and effort worthwhile.

It took a total of about 7 months but I dropped 14kg, am three dress sizes smaller and lost a total of 74 centimetres. I feel great and I happily run around with my boy and make my husband proud to walk next to me, he’s even taking me to Mauritius to show me off. I had my own professional photo shoot done so that I too can feel like a fitness model and I did! And most importantly…even though I am now done with the GloryGirl program, the habits and routines are part of my life and I have been keeping it up ever since. It’s always going to be hard work but at least I know that every day in every way I’m getting better and better.