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GloryGirl Belinda

One morning, April 2008, I had what they would call a “WAKE UP CALL!

I’ve always considered myself a fairly healthy 45 year old, but as with most of us, never made enough time for myself! With raising 4 kids(ages between 21-14), acting as a ‘single parent’ most of the times as my husband is working away from home, trying to keep up with a full time job and the demands of every day life, I could feel myself slipping through the cracks as there was less and less time for MYSELF.

But a couple of years ago when the voice on the other side of the phone confirmed that I was in the beginning stages of breast cancer, I knew instantly that I had to seriously take “stock” of my life! It made me realize that tomorrow might be too late and that NOBODY, but me, is going to make that change! I made a positive commitment to a healthier lifestyle and never looked back. That was my first step towards victory.

But trying to keep motivated and positive all by myself wasn’t easy. I bought all sorts of books to educate myself on weight training etc. and didn’t really give much attention to my diet. I would often come up with all sorts of excuses why I don’t need to train that specific day and before I knew it, all my good intentions went out the window and I was back into my old routine of doing as little as possible!

That was until I got introduced to GloryGirl Fitness in June 2010! With Nadine du Toit as the owner, personal trainer and life coach, my life finally got organized, meaningful, structured and above all motivated.

The GloryGirl program consisted of a 12 week commitment!  Weekly Life Coaching, weekly progress photos of your front, side and back and measurements, a four weekly training program accompanied by a suitable Clean Eat Nutrition Plan was the backbone of her program. I was asked by Nadine to put together a Daily Journal to keep me accountable for my actions during each day. The first steps were to identify short term (1-4 weeks), midterm (12–24 week) and long term (a few years from now) goals! I had to write a “commitment” to myself that I proudly displayed in my kitchen on the fridge door.

The Journal turned out to be extremely important and supportive in my quest to “The Amazing New Me”! It allowed me to reflect on my weekly and daily tasks and to plan and get motivated. I wrote down my weekly and daily menus, exercises, cardio and I even made a “mood meter” that I often looked back at. Nadine worked out a nutrition plan that consisted of 5-6 meals throughout the day, every 2-3 hours. Lean protein, complex carbs, vegetables, fruit, ‘good fats’ and plenty of water made sure I was MORE than satisfied throughout those 12 weeks! 5 days of the week I had to do weight training specially suited to my body type which was varied every 4 weeks. 3-4 cardio sessions rounded off the exercise part of the program. Every Friday or Saturday, I would meet up with coach Nadine and fellow GloryGirls to do our GG group training and bonding. The support was (and still is) huge for me. Marenza (fellow GloryGirl sister) and I formed a lovely buddy system and started to work out on a daily basis.

Because I started my program during the summer months, I knew the month away from home would be more challenging. I made plans before hand to join a gym at my 2 destinations. My 2 week stay in a Hotel was a bit more challenging, but I still carried my cooler box with pre-packed veggies and fruit and made sure to select healthy grilled salmon, chicken breast etc. as my protein. I survived the temptations of places like The Cheese Cake Factory!

With so much structure in my life, I at last feel in control of myself, emotionally and physically and my confidence level has reached new levels!

SO, don’t wait for tomorrow girls……the GLORY is awaiting you!

Belinda Farah