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Models & Photoshoot

Every GloryGirl who achieves her goals, be it in business, in her relationships, in her spiritual walk, in further education, as an athlete or even just to feel better in the once too-small-side-of- her-wardrobe-clothes, celebrates her journey with a Glam GloryGirl photo shoot!

May these pictures speak for themselves and hopefully inspire YOU…how would you like to inspire other ladies to live a life where discovering your full potential is possible?

GloryGirl Daleen

GloryGirl Derryn

GloryGirl Elanie

GloryGirl Ellen

GloryGirl Ilana

GloryGirl Kathlene

GloryGirl Kirsten

GloryGirl Kristine

GloryGirl Lesley

GloryGirl Lucy

GloryGirl Mignon

GloryGirl Roma

GloryGirl Sandri

GloryGirl Sian

GloryGirl Simone

GloryGirl Sonya

GloryGirl Suzanne