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  • It takes HEART to look at yourself in the mirror, evaluate your life and make the decision that enough is enough.
  • It takes HEART to reach out for help.
  • It takes HEART to envision your full potential, goals and dreams.
  • It takes HEART to explore new habits, wild adventures and the unknown within.
  • It takes HEART to pick yourself up of the ground and give one more step, breath one more breath and speak life into a situation that looks overwhelmingly difficult.
  • It takes HEART to celebrate who you are and discover that you have been good enough all these years.
  • It takes HEART to acknowledge that you are worth every good thing, love, support, success and wonderful experiences in your life!

Can you feel your HEART beat?

A Journal – Keep yourself accountable and in check with either an old fashioned paper journal, an online blog or by any of the new nifty smart phone apps on the market. Record your workouts and your meals on a daily basis to ensure you keep track of your actions.

A Heart Rate Monitor – We’ll be working with your specific energy training system when it comes to exercising, which you will log and monitor in your journal to make sure that you are making the progress that we are aiming for. So get yourself an affordable heart rate monitor that captures your average and maximum heart rate per training session.

Subscription to the Clean Eating Magazine – This is a magazine that we highly recommend and gives loads of advise, ideas and tips on how and what to cook and keep in your kitchen for delicious meals that the whole family will love!

A Vision Board – When we see our goals and dreams on a daily basis, we are reminded of what it is that we are working towards. The more colour and emotion included in your vision board, the more powerful it becomes! Keep it somewhere that is visible, at your desk at work, as a screen saver on your computer, on your fridge at home, on your bath room mirror, on your phone’s back ground, the ideas and places are endless! Keep it visible and accelerate the achievement of your goals!    

A Cooler Bag – When we plan and pack our meals for the next day, the vending machine at work or the take away café on the corner in your neighborhood never needs to be a temptation again. When we have our healthy meals available, our blood sugar levels stay constant and our metabolism becomes a fat burning furnace.

Air Tight Food Containers – Plan your meals ahead and use a variety of air tight containers to pack your individual meals and portion sizes in your cooler back to have meals to go where ever you are! One of my secrets to being in shape year round, is to always have my food with me and never be hungry.

Measuring Cups – To ensure correct portion size, the GloryGirl nutrition plan makes use of specific measurements when it comes to certain food groups. Get yourself a practical and funky set of measuring cups to glide into your new habits and way of life.

Measuring Tape – Weekly Reality Checks is an accountability tool that’s foundational to the GloryGirl way of life and one of the best ways to measure your progress and success is to use a measuring tape.

Skype and a good internet connection – With life’s hectic pace and quality family time quickly becoming an endangered treasure, most of our GloryGirl coaching sessions will be done via Skype or other VOIP methods, where you will be coached by expert life coach Nadine du Toit in the comfort of your own home.

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